In addition to the individual testimonials, you can read what others are saying about the Triple "D" Game Farm in the following articles.

  • Joe and Mary Ann McDonald's Trip Report - "Utah Predators in Red Rock Country 2002 with Triple-D Game Farm"

  • July 2001 - Apogee Photo Magazine - "They Captured My Heart" by Noella Ballenger

  • David Middleton Photography - "Report From The Field #1" by David Middleton

Leonard Lee Rue III:
Repeatedly in my seminars and columns I have said that there are certain animals that are almost impossible to get photographs of in the wild. They are wolverine, cougar, bobcat and lynx. I have said you have to rent them and I have rented them from the Triple "D" Game Farm which is run by my good friend Jay Deist.

Rick Sammon:
"I've made two trips to the Triple D Game Farm with the goal of getting photographs for my books. Both trips exceeded my expectation, yielding more than two dozen "keepers" for not only my books, but also for the workshops that I lead around the world.

What I like about the Triple D is the staff's professionalism in handing the animals - and the customers. If you like wildlife photography, put the Triple D on your "to do" list. For a look at more of my Triple D pictures, see my books at www.ricksammon.com."

Erwin & Peggy Bauer:
"Over the last twenty years there have been several advances in wildlife photography that have resulted in quality images of animals seldom or never filmed before. We wildlife photographers have better, faster lenses, auto focus and motor drive, but it was the combination of these advances plus the opportunity to focus on previously unavailable animals that made the big difference.

The subjects were first accessible at the Triple "D", Jay Deist's game farm in Kalispell, Montana. First we had cougars, then wolves, followed by tigers, grizzly bears and small wild cats. Jay was the first and still offers opportunities to film captive-born animal models trained with kindness in natural settings. They're our friends."

Lewis Kemper:
"Time and time again, my workshop participants rave about their experience photographing at Triple "D" Game Farm. Many have won awards or have had their pictures published. I plan to keep using Triple "D" to offer my clients the best workshop experience possible."

Lewis Kemper: (Regarding our Utah 2000 session):
"I had more "keepers" from the Utah shoot than I've had from any other game farm shoot! The animals and scenery combine to make great photographs. I have already placed several into promotion and I am looking forward to next years shoot! If you come to Utah just make sure you have lots of film and batteries."

Jeremy Woodhouse:
"I only discovered Triple "D" in the summer of 1997 and I am hooked. The animals are in tremendous condition and thanks to the knowledgeable handlers in their charge, it is possible to photograph many of these elusive predators in natural settings while they wander around freely. Try that in the wild!"

Tom Browning:
"Triple "D" offers the professional and amateur photographer fantastic photo opportunities. Pristine NW Montana settings and fabulous animals with dedicated and friendly trainers help you get the shots you need for your portfolio."

Cathy Allinder:
"I first photographed at the Triple "D" Game Farm in the summer of 2000. I found the animals at the Triple "D" to be in excellent condition and well cared for (no obese or "potbellied" animals here!) The numerous and varied settings for photographing the animals offers an unlimited variety.

One of my favorites is the East Glacier location with snow-capped mountains in the background - outstanding! Rick, the head traininer works very well with the animals and works hard to provide you with the opportunity for great shots. Rick also understands the lighting conditions and composition well; this makes a shoot much simplier for the photographer."

"Since my first photo-shoot at the Triple "D", I have returned several times either alone or with another photographer. This past May, professional photographer, Joe McDonald, accompanied me on a spring shoot. He was so impressed that he and his wife, Mary Ann, will be leading photo workshops in 2002 a the Triple "D" Game Farm. I plan to return again and again to the Triple "D" Game Farm and would highly recommend them to everyone."

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