The Triple "D" Filming Sites

Photographers visiting Triple "D" have over a dozen of professionally designed natural settings to choose from and include:
  • Our high elevation site with backdrops of snow capped peaks of Glacier National Park.
  • A new site overlooking a major river with abrupt mountains as the backdrop.
  • Sites with rocky outcrops
  • Aspen groves
  • Ponds for reflective shots
  • A site with natural vegetation ideal for filming foxes, raccoon, bobcat and coyote.
  • Den sites perfect for filming our baby animals with an adult.
  • Variety of sites available on the Flathead National Forest, upon request, for specialize photography or cinematography needs.

 ©Jurgen and Christine Sohns -The Triple "D" Filming Sites
©Jurgen and Christine Sohns

Photographers visiting the Triple "D" take advantage of our pond and water sites during the summer and fall months. Along with capturing reflection shots of our larger animals, images of our wildlife models in a water setting can be obtained. Favorites include Grizzly and Black Bear, Tiger, and wolves.

©Jurgen and Christine Sohns

©R.E. McCluskey -The Triple "D" Filming Sites
©R.E. McCluskey
During the peak of our winter season, a special snow compound is constructed to be used exclusively for our Arctic fox, wolf and Snow Leopards. This site, located at the Triple "D", was designed to utilize both morning and evening light.

©R.E. McCluskey

© Cathy Allinder -The Triple "D" Filming Sites
© Cathy Allinder

Our high elevation sites offer our wildlife models highlighted with the peaks of the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. In Spring and early summer the wildflowers here are spectacular.

© Cathy Allinder

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