Special "Birds Of Prey" Photo Shoot

The Triple "D" is proud to announce that during 2007-2008 a "Birds of Prey" photography sessions will be offered. Lynn Vaught of "Wildlife Return" has agreed to exhibit her birds in a natural setting for photography groups organized by the Triple "D".

Wildlife Return is a rehabilitation center dedicated to the care of injured, ill andorphaned wildlife. You can expect Lynn to exhibit a variety of raptors. Lynn is dedicated to the rehabilitation of the wildlife that come to her for help with the ultimate goal of releasing those that can sustain themselves back to the wild. Other than her resident birds, it will not always be possible to determine what birds will be exhibited until the time of the photo session.

What can be guaranteed is a full session consisting of several hours with adequate time to observe, sketch and photograph each of the Birds of Prey. All sessions are scheduled to commence with early morning light.

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